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Libertarians strongly oppose any government interference into their personal, family, and business decisions. Essentially, we believe all Americans should be free to live their lives and pursue their interests as they see fit as long as they do no harm to another. Do you agree? Join us! The Placer County Libertarian Party meets in a casual atmosphere regularly to discuss issues of liberty over good food and drink.

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December 7, 2020

Learn How To Recall Gavin Newsom at House of Oliver

WHEN: Monday, December 7, 2020 at 5:30PM
WHERE: House of Oliver
3992 Douglas Blvd #140
Roseville, CA 95661

The Placer County Libertarian party will be meeting to celebrate our freedom, and enjoy beverages and delicious food from the House of Oliver. Come celebrate liberty with us! Please RSVP on Facebook.

At this meeting, we will have volunteers from the official Recall Gavin Newsom 2020 campaign, who will explain exactly how we can grow this grassroots effort to toss this tyrant!

You will receive petitions and clear instructions on how to gather signatures. Let’s make sure every signature counts! We can do it! We’re already halfway there!

The Placer County Libertarian Party is committed to keeping our community healthy and robust. That is why we must keep our businesses open, keep our kids in school and be defenders of personal responsibility and individual liberty.

We hope you will join our grassroots effort to defend Californians against this tyranny, people are suffering, enough is enough!

Jia Christopher
Chairwoman Placer LP

RSVP via Facebook Here